"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 

Our body is so much more than biology (organism), psychology (our behavior), physiology (how we function) or kinesiology (how we move) or our anatomy (our structure). 


Nothing about the definition of biology addresses the energetic, emotional or spiritual health of a person and so we have had to find a new definition to encompass the body as a whole:

Body`ol`o`gy Well`ness

The sum of the whole, not a product of your symptoms, a complete picture of wellness that includes the presence of energy, joy and relaxation. 

Our evolution as body workers has shifted to be more conscious that our ROLE is facilitating the process of healing; we are not trying to fix you by pounding your tissue into submission.  We can help the body find the root of the cause and give space to allow for change that your body needs to heal.   

A shift of conscious intention to give YOU the space you need, in an environment designed to amplify your healing with the most researched, evidence based therapies available to address your body.ol.o.gy well.ness

We have over 30+ years of combined experience in the massage and wellness industry.  By using the combination of treatments below, a session looks different for everyone and not the same every treatment. 

Therapeutic Massage, Bowen Therapy, Baby Bowen,  Craniosacral Therapy (CST), Pediatric CST, Myofascial Cupping, Active Isolated Stretching, Applied Myoskeletal Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot and Cold Stone Massage, Accupressure Massage, Ear Seeding, Kinesio-taping, Shiatsu, Fascial Work, MELT Method & Therapeutic Yoga, Yoga for Cancer Survivors, Yoga for Kids & Progressing Ballet Technique.


Bowen Therapy is gentle and relaxing that consists of sequences of small moves at varying pressures, cross-fibre manoeuvres of muscle, tendon or ligament with no forceful manipulation. Bowen treats the whole body- the cause of problems, rather than the symptoms within  the soft connective tissue (fascia) of the body.  

Who Benefits: 

- musculoskeletal or related neurological problems

- acute sports injuries 

- chronic or organic conditions. 

- infants, children, adults and elderly.

A treatment will typically last between 30 minutes to one hour. After the therapist initiates a "move" they may leave the room for several minutes to. This allows your body to respond to the change in the body before commencing the next sequence of moves. 


CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle approach that releases tensions deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction, and improve whole-body health and performance. By using a soft touch which is generally no greater than 5 grams – about the weight of a nickel – practitioners release restrictions in the soft tissues that surround the central nervous system.


CST is increasingly used as a preventive health measure for its ability to bolster resistance to disease, and it's effective for a wide range of medical problems associated with pain and dysfunction.


With a light touch, feeling various locations of the body to test for the ease of motion and rhythm of the cerebrospinal fluid pulsing around the brain and spinal cord. Soft-touch techniques are then used to release restrictions in any tissues influencing the craniosacral system.


CranioSacral Therapy is able to alleviate a wide variety of dysfunctions, from chronic pain and sports injuries to stroke and neurological impairment.

Who Benefits: 

Migraines and Headaches

Chronic Neck and Back Pain

Autism / Motor-Coordination Impairments

Stress and Tension-Related Disorders

Infant and Childhood Disorders

Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries

Chronic Fatigue / Fibromyalgia

TMJ Syndrome / Scoliosis


Therapeutic massage describes any type of massage modality that helps relieve pain, reduce stress, or work on a specific problem.  Deep tissue massage is great at breaking down scar tissue and getting your blood circulating, but it may not be what you need on a particular day. Using specific techniques and the right amount of pressure and adding other modalities we have taken your regular massage and transformed it into what your body needed. 

- Myofascial Release Technique,

- Sports Massage,

- Trigger Point Therapy, 

- Applied Myoskeletal Therapy

- Hot / Cold Stone Therapy Massage

- Acupressure Massage 

- MELT Method Balls

- Active Isolated Stretching

- Myofascial Cupping

- Ear Seeding

- Essential Oils

- Kinesio taping 


Craniosacral therapy and Bowen are particularly helpful for treating newborns and infants. Difficulty nursing can be a result of tensions and restrictions in the baby’s head, spine or body. These restrictions can be caused by pressures experienced during late pregnancy, and by the forces of birth. These pressures are increased by fast, long or induced labours, forceps or vacuum assisted births, or cesarean births.

Compressive forces during birth can result in pressure on the nervous system, particularly the cranial nerves that control sucking/swallowing, jaw mobility and the digestive systems. The baby may have areas of discomfort, muscular tension or bone misalignment.


Symptoms/ Conditions that can be helped :

Difficulty Nursing /Latching Challenges,

Restricted Jaw Opening,

Jaw Clamping,

Weak Suck Action,

Difficulty Swallowing,

On/off Fussing,

Excessive Spit-ups (reflux),

One-sided feeding challenges (head turns more easily in one direction),

Crossed or Wandering Eyes,

Asymmetrical Head.

Neurological Conditions 


Babies have numerous mechanisms that they are born with to help them to self-correct the lesion patterns that may develop at birth. They have the reciprocal tension membranes that act as an internal guide to bring the cranial bones and membranes into balance. When a baby cries, the increased cranial pressure helps to put the bones and membranes back into position. While crying creates an external pressure, suckling creates an internal pressure that helps to normalize the baby’s head. And as the baby suckles, the mother will do the most basic of all cranial techniques, which we see in cultures throughout the world. The mother will instinctively stroke the baby’s head while it suckles. As the baby creates motion of the cranial bones, the mother is stroking the baby’s head and assisting the molding process. All of these things, as well as the baby yawning, self-corrective behavior, and the birthing process, itself, can help guide a child’s head into balance. But when the forces of birth are too great, they may overwhelm the baby’s ability to self-correct. Then it becomes our job, as therapists, to assist the child into balance. Not every child may need correction, but I feel that every child should have the opportunity of being evaluated..  


Why is it so important to treat children? An osteopath recently answered this question with this simple statement: “When we look at a child, we never know who or what that child can be. And when we look at an adult, we never know who or what that individual could have been.” Life has its challenges, and there may be few challenges greater than the birth process itself.

Every birth has its story and even what may appear to be the simplest of births may create significant lifelong impacts on both the child and family.

This is true, as well, for the stages of childhood. Pediatric Craniosacral Therapy & Bowen Therapy utilize simple and effective therapeutic techniques to help normalize the child’s structure, balance the nervous system, and resolve traumatic issues of the birth and childhood experience.


It has been shown to help with:


Autism Spectrum Disorder

Cerebral Palsy

Chronic Ear Infections

Colic / Reflux and Digestive Disorders

Connective Tissue Disorders

Emotional Difficulties

Failure to Thrive

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Hearing Disorders


Lactation Issues

Learning Disabilities

Motor- Coordination Impairments

Neurovascular or Immune Disorders

Post-Surgical Dysfunction


Sensory Pricessing Disorder

Speech Disorders

Tongue and Lip Tie

Torticollis & Plagiocephaly 


Introducing Vascular Therapy

BEMER Therapy enhances cardiac function, blood flow and oxygenation in the body's small vessels (capillaries).BEMER is designed to improve circulation thereby supporting the body's natural self-regulating processes.

BEMER physical vascular therapy can counteract that process in a naturally limiting framework. Using electromagnetically transmitted signals, it stimulates the pumping movement of the smallest blood vessels, re-normalising the blood flow in this area.


Pulsed electromagnetic  field (PEMF) therapy devices work with the naturally occurring magnetic fields in the body. The goal is to rev up the electricity within muscle and bone cells, promote blood flow, ease swelling and promote the healing process. Using intermittent (or pulsed) magnetic waves, PEMF therapy has been described as having potential therapeutic benefits, including reduction of inflammation, improvement of circulation, tissue oxygenation, and muscle function, as well as as reduction of pain and swelling.


Yoga is the number one prescribed form of exercise because of the multitude of health, and physical benefits it provides.  It is a "fix" all type of exercise that calms the mind and body and as often as you think it is only for flexible people; you are wrong.  

Yoga is for EVERY-BODY, young and old but attending some yoga classes can be a barrier because of the many options and types of yoga available, a beginner class doesn't mean it will address your ability depending on your physical limitations, pain or injuries.  And if you are an athlete, often it is just the thing you need to see how well you are truly functioning in strength and flexibility. Yoga is a two"fer" combining both of those elements in one.   

Becky is an experienced level yogi or more than 24 years, has taught over 1000 hours of yoga, and is the remedial exercise most often "prescribed" in her practice because of the accessibility to everyone.  In clinic, she will show you correctly how to do certain yoga postures to access your body's unique needs.  


Personalized program in clinic and provide you with a personalized video sequence to do at home. 

And coming soon, uploads to our website.



Yoga for Cancer Survivors is a passion project of Becky's since 2009.  

Program designed by Dr. Nicole Culos-Reed, Researcher and Professor at the University of Calgary, 

Susi Hately. B.Sc Kin, RYT and Tyla Arnason, RYT.  

Becky was part of the original wave of Yoga Thrive for Cancer Survivors, for survivors on and off treatment.  Program launched in 2009; and Becky lead classes, in-services for Medical Doctors, submitted data to be included in research study for rural Southern Alberta.  At that time was based out of Taber & Lethbridge, Becky was also the Keynote Speaker at the CIBC Cancer Walk, Lethbridge 2010.


Trained in the TrueNTH Project for Prostate Cancer Survivors in 2014 and has been trying to launch this program as well as THRIVE in Medicine Hat for the past few years,  but works best in private environment.


These 2 unique, evidence based programs are vital to the on-going research, education to medical professionals and survivors giving them the tools to live their best life after going through treatment.   


For more information, or to be added to a wait list for upcoming programming. This unique programming is also available as a PRIVATE Yoga Session in the Clinic. 


Please click to to send us a message.










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